Scope of Services


BAR – Architects, P.C. offers a complete range of architectural/engineering design services that reflect our many years of in-depth experience working with community institutions. Our architectural and engineering professionals are active in the planning and preparation of construction documents, public bid solicitation, contract negotiation, management and close-out procedures for projects of all sizes. Clear and concise documents, along with “hands-on” construction experience, delivered with an overarching commitment to our client’s best interests, are core components in all the services we provide.


  • LEED Analysis and Design: Assist in the evaluation and design for a sustainable “green” building.
  • Feasibility and Site Studies: Initial analysis of site development constraints, zoning, utilities, as-built surveys and drawings of existing improvements (if any), to determine the viability of the proposed project.
  • Project Programming: Upon completion of the site study, specific special needs and facility requirements are established through extensive interviews with the client. This information is then analyzed in connection with the initial feasibility study, and the Project Program is established to best meet the client’s needs, schedules and budgets.
  • Building Evaluations: Evaluate existing buildings for their structural integrity, mechanical systems, thermal efficiency, site improvements, and aesthetics. The evaluations are incorporated into reports covering budgeting and potential financial issues.
  • Preliminary Design: Graphic representations of proposed design schemes/solutions in order to foster collaboration with the client about codes, layout, function, aesthetics, and budget concerns.
  • Construction Document Preparation: Upon approval of preliminary designs, the construction drawings and specifications are generated as needed for the proposed development. All documents are prepared utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
  • Permit Filing and Expediting: Assist the client in the preparation and filing for all applicable permits and follow-up with municipal agencies until permits are issued.
  • Bidding: Assemble a contractor’s bid list of reputable builders, coordinate the bid process, and protect the Owner’s interest in the final contract negotiations and execution of contract documents.
  • Construction Administration: On-site representation on behalf of the Owner to review compliance with contract documents, quality control, and approve/monitor requisitions of construction funds.
  • Punch List: Assist the Owner in finalizing a comprehensive punch list for job completion and acceptance.
  • Project Close-Out: Assist the Owner to close-out all contractors and to receive all close-out documentation.